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Alan Allman AssociatesSiderlog

I-Deal Development advises Alan Allman Associates Group in its acquisition of Siderlog Conseil

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of Siderlog Conseil (revenues of € 11.5M, 150 people), by Alan Allman Associates Group (AAA). This Independent group, specialized in consulting services realizes its 13th takeover since 2009. The Group achieves today a total revenue of €50M for 700 people.

Founded in 2003, Siderlog is specialized in organizations and projects management consulting. The Company mainly works with key accounts in banking, insurance, services and public organizations sectors. With five locations (Paris, Lyon, Aix en Provence, Niort and Nantes) Siderlog allows AAA to broaden its national coverage and strengthen its
interventions in the banking area.

As explained Florent Sainsot, CEO of Siderlog: “the acquisition of our company by Alan Allman Associates will help Siderlog to sustain our main asset our brand, by providing additional resources, enabling us to achieve ambitious projects. Simultaneously, the operation allows the AAA’s ecosystem to continue its development. This operation provides a new dynamic to Siderlog while ensuring a convergence of interest with AAA.”

Mr. Sainsot, excited about the opportunity, completes: “Given all the constraints on the operation (personal, financial, organizational), I-Deal Development has been able to
manage the differences of culture of each shareholder.

Due to its know-how, I-Deal Development has managed to create a climate of confidence which allowed Siderlog’s leaders to advance with serenity. The final discussions were held in a very positive climate, and I-Deal Development was its best representative.

So congratulations because it was not a done-deal, and I know that Frédéric BONAN was at the heart of the process”.


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  • mecaturnABCM


    We are pleased to announce the disposal of Mecaturn (€5M sales for 35 people) by the Lorinvest family group. Mecaturn has been a supplier of technical subassemblies for the aerospace industry for several years.

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  • Alan Allman AssociatesJArchitect

    I-Deal Development realizes its 22nd operation with Alan Allman Associates : the buyout of a majority stack in JArchitect

    I-Deal Development is proud to have accompanied Alan Allman Associates for the 22nd time, in the buyout of a majority stack in JArchitect

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    I-Deal Development advises A2BM in its sale to EPSA Group

    Created in 2005 in Luxembourg by Régis Marique, the company accelerate To Be Master is a process structure and optimization consulting specialist, working exclusively with big accounts, the company operate on central issues and their customers core-business.

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  • DeltacomTDF

    I-Deal Development advises Deltacom directors in the telecom business capital to TDF Group.

    Misters Mohammad and Larret, two directing Deltacom shareholders, sold their telecom activity business capital to TDF, for it important strategic role.

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  • So.bioCarrefour

    I-deal development advise the Lachat family, shareholder of So.bio group in it transmission to Carrefour group

    Created in 2005 by Ms and Mr Lachat, the So.bio distribution network is positioned as a reference actor in bio sector where it is implemented by defending it customer values.

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  • 4M InvestmentSun Elec

    I-deal Development advises 4M Investment for its acquisition of SUN ELEC.

    I-deal Development advises Farooq Mohammad through his takeover holding company 4M Investment.

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  • Alan Allman AssociatesAlthéa

    I-Deal Development advise AAA in its Althea group majority participation

    Alan Allman Associates (AAA) ecosystem, holding that gather 20 companies with complementary competences in consulting field, has the pleasure to announce the Althéa Group acquisition (21M€ turnover for 150 employees).

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  • Aequs AerospaceDelage Aéro Industries

    I-development advises the Aequs Aerospace Group in the cession of Delage Aero Industries.

    We are pleased to announce you the cession of Delage Aero (8 million of turnover for 45 collaborators), by the Aequs Aerospace Group. Aequs is one of the Indian company producing precision mechanical parts with the biggest growth.

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  • Walor InternationalGévélot Extrusion

    I-Deal Development supports Walor International in its acquisition of the international group Gévelot Extrusion

    Walor International (€70 million in sales), a leading supplier to the automotive sector acquire Gévelot Extrusion Group and the German company Dold Kaltfliesspressteile (€105 million in consolidated sales).

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  • Alan Allman AssociatesDynafin

    I-Deal Development advise the group AAA in their acquisition of Dynafin

    The group specialized in services for companies, Alan Allman Associates has been advised by I-Deal Development, for the twentieth time, in its acquisition of the Belgium company DynaFin.

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